Swimming Pool Safety

Summer is here. That means it’s time to hit the pools. It also means it is time to think about pool safety.
According to Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, June and July have historically been the two worst months for drowning deaths in the state of Texas. Already, some 47 children have drowned this year, and that number is likely to rise into the 70’s before the year’s end. Not many realize it, but drowning is the leading cause of death of children age 4 years and younger.
There are a number of things you can do to help keep swimming pools safe for yourself and others:

  • While at a pool, keep an eye on children at all times. Just because a child has floaties or knows how to swim does not mean they can be left unattended.
  • Before anyone begins swimming, check to make sure the pool has ready to use safety equipment, that the pool’s cover is completely removed, and that the pool’s drains are properly covered.
  • Also make sure that pool water is clean and clear. Some pool chemicals can be dangerous and murky water can be a sign of improper pool maintenance or a broken cleaning system.
  • When swimming at night, check to make sure that the pool is properly lit, and be wary if the pool’s lights do not work as expected since they could pose an electrocution risk if there is a leak or electrical short.
  • Finally, be sure that any pool you swim at or own has proper safety fencing and that its gates automatically close. Never prop a pool gate open for any reason.

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