Settlement Finally Reached in Panos Spyros Medical Malpractice Case

Over 5 years ago, Panos Spyros was accused of over 256 medical malpractice cases in the realm of orthopedic surgery. He was released from Federal prison in March of 2017 for health care fraud after pleading guilty.
Panos was accused of mishandling surgeries and performing surgeries that were not needed. Pam Bisaccia, one victim of Panos' surgeries, stated that after performing surgeries on her Achilles heel she is unable to walk.
She stated, "Shaving my legs feels like ripping my skin off... Each step feels like walking on hot coals."
Panos was said to see on the upwards of 90 patients in a single day and performed 20 surgeries a day. Panos will still not admit to medical lawlessness as part of the possible $40 million settlement.
A point-based system has been created based on each individual claim has been created to establish how much damage had been done per patient. Each point being worth $2,500.
Panos' fraudulent surgeries and medical care claims are being paid out by Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company and Healthcare Professionals Insurance Company.
Panos is just one example of how doctors can bring suffering to the patients they see. If you or a loved one has been involved in an instance where you think your doctor may have caused you pain or suffering, contact our staff today. In cases like these, time is of the essence, so act now before it is too late.

East Texas Matters interviews Jack Walker about ETMC Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

KETK's Cara Prichard recently spoke to Jack Walker of Martin Walker, P.C. in regards to the recent medical malpractice case regarding East Texas Medical Center hospital.

KLTV Interviews Reid Martin About ETMC Negligence Case

KLTV Channel 7 in Tyler, Texas covered the case brought by Billy Pierce against East Texas Medical Center hospital. The lawsuit resulted in a $43.32 million verdict.

East Texas Hospital Hit with $43M Negligence Verdict after Patient Abandoned by Suspended Doctor

Martin Walker PC lawyers win gross negligence finding, $25M in punitive damages

TYLER, Texas – A jury has awarded a $43.32 million verdict against Tyler-based East Texas Medical Center and one of its doctors, finding the hospital grossly negligent in its retention and supervision of a doctor on probation whose abandonment and improper care led to a patient’s complete loss of his quality of life and ability to provide for his family.
In reaching the gross negligence verdict, jurors agreed that the hospital had put its patients in extreme risk by allowing Dr. Gary Boyd to treat them even though the Texas Medical Board had placed him on probation which automatically suspended his hospital privileges pursuant to the hospital’s bylaws and policies.
Lawyers from Tyler-based Martin Walker PC argued the hospital’s bylaws should have prevented Dr. Boyd from treating 61-year-old Billy Pierce who was hospitalized with stomach pain and vomiting in April 2014. Jurors heard testimony that Dr. Boyd erroneously concluded that Mr. Pierce had an anatomical abnormality that made it impossible to surgically remove bile duct stones.
Mr. Pierce was in an induced coma for more than a month and effectively abandoned by Dr. Boyd and the hospital, the Martin Walker trial team argued. When the hospital finally sought a second opinion, the new doctor rejected Dr. Boyd’s diagnosis and performed surgery without complication.
“Hospitals have a supreme duty to provide safe and effective care to patients, and that duty must come before everything else,” said Martin Walker attorney Reid Martin, who along with name partner Jack Walker and attorney Marisa Schouten represented Mr. Pierce. “By allowing a dangerous doctor, who had lost his hospital privileges to continue to treat patients, this was a tragedy waiting to happen.”
Dr. Boyd was put on probation in June 2013 after the Texas Medical Board found glaring deficiencies in his treatment of a patient in a case similar to Mr. Pierce’s. In that matter, the medical board found that Dr. Boyd failed to adequately document a patient’s records, inaccurately diagnosed the patient, and performed medically unnecessary procedures. For example, the board found that Dr. Boyd had inaccurately described the location of a patient’s ulcer and claimed that he had performed multiple biopsies to test for cancer when he had not.
The jury verdict included $18.57 million for past and future pain, anguish, loss of earning capacity, and medical care and expenses. The jury found that the hospital was 90 percent liable for the damages, while Dr. Boyd was 10 percent liable. With the gross negligence finding, the jury ordered $25 million in exemplary damages, finding that the hospital’s conduct involved an extreme risk of potential harm to others.
The case is Billy Pierce v East Texas Medical Center and Dr. Gary Boyd and the ETMC Digestive Disease Center, Cause No. 16-0853-C in the 241st District Court in Smith County.
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