Tips For Staying Safe on New Year's Eve 2018

Tips For Staying Safe on New Year's Eve 2018

It's one of the most fun and exciting holidays of the year. There are fireworks, bonfires, and sparklers all around and large amounts of people gathered together. It's a time to think about how far we have come as well as the goals we have for the future. However, for some the new year will begin with a DWI charge on their record and some jail time. It's important to be smart on this holiday and plan for any potential mistakes that may come your way. Here are our top safety tips to keep your new year moving in a positive direction.
Forget the Alcohol
This will be a hard tip to follow for most people, but it could end up saving lives. If you have been designated as the driver for the night, this is your only option. When you think about it, this can only help you with drunk drivers all around the roads and cops keeping a look out on every turn.
Have a Sleepover
If you find yourself out at a New Year's Eve and you think you've had too much to drink don't be embarrassed to ask to stay the night.  Any good host will have already made sure this was possible for their guests. A good thing to keep in mind is that you can always ask ahead of time if this is an option. If not, you might want to think about going to another party.
Pick a Driver
Make sure you and your group have chosen a reliable and responsible driver to get everyone home safe. There are plenty of New Year's Eve activities to partake in for fun besides drinking. Try and stay encouraging to your DD and help them have fun without the drinks.
Download Uber or Lyft
Choosing a ride share option is one of the smartest and easiest ways to avoid drunk driving on this holiday. Make things even easier by downloading and creating an account with the app before the party even starts.
At Martin Walker Law, we want to encourage all East Texans to stay safe out there on New Year's Eve. It's important to have fun on this holiday, but it's not worth it if you get hurt or if you cause someone else to get in an accident. Happy New Year! Stay safe out there.

No Reason To Drink and Drive This New Year's Day

The statistics have been clear for many years now. The night of New Year's Eve and morning of New Year's Day are some of the most dangerous times to be on the road. Most years, drunk driving related accidents spike by 70% or more during the early morning hours of New Year's day. Each year upwards of 120 people lose their lives in New Year's related drunk driving crashes. Understandably, it is also one of the most dangerous times of the year for pedestrians. Some 20 pedestrians will likely die this New Year's by being hit by a vehicle.

Fortunately, these statistics don't have to be this high. In Tyler, we have several options that can let you have an enjoyable New Year while keeping yourself and others safe.

  • We have multiple quality cab companies in Tyler that will be glad to help you or your friends or family members home safely. Often times they even offer discounts or even free rides to help keep people safe during the New Year's holiday.
  • This New Year also marks the first time Tyler has had Uber operating in town. Like with a cab company, booking a ride home with Uber is a great way to have fun and then get home safe.
  • Another good option is to plan your celebrations in a way designed to keep you and your guests off the roads, especially during the overnight hours.
  • Finally, if you need to be on the road this New Year's Eve, take extra care to watch out for erratic drivers and please don't contribute to the problem by drinking and driving yourself.

We hope you'll stay safe this New Year holiday and have a great new year.

City Council Approves City Ordinance Allowing Uber in Tyler, Texas

The Tyler City Council has approved a revision of a city ordinance that will allow ride-sharing companies to operate within Tyler, Texas. Uber will officially launch operations in Tyler this fall.  Tyler is now the fourteenth city in Texas to adopt a ride-sharing friendly ordinance.
The advantages and benefits of having a service like Uber in Tyler are excellent for our community, and we had a big part in bringing the service to Tyler. In addition to increasing the overall level of modern conveniences available to us in Tyler, we think a modern, convenient service like Uber will decrease late night, alcohol-related incidences in Tyler and help make the public and the streets safer in the long run. Martin Walker Law wanted to help usher in the foundation of Uber in Tyler because we saw the public safety advantages that ride-sharing services could bring to the city and the burgeoning downtown scene. The company applauded the City of Tyler for approving new "modern ride-sharing rules that prioritize public safety and access to safe, reliable transporation." Residents will now be able to go enjoy a night on the town, have drinks, have fun, and not have to worry about getting a ride home or consider driving themselves home. You just open up the Uber app on your smartphone and request a ride - your Uber will be there in minutes to bring you home safely.
Uber drivers must pass a rigorous test and background check, and have an approved vehicle to be able to drive for Uber. Bringing this service to Tyler also brings with it an added industry and economy; it gives locals the ability to make extra cash on the side, at their own pace. Beth Huddleston, Uber's General Manager, said, "We are thrilled that the City of Tyler has chosen to embrace Uber. The passage of this ordinance means that residents, students, and visitors will soon be able to get a ride or earn extra money at the touch of a button." If you are interested in becoming a driver for Uber in Tyler, you can apply here.