There are a lot of terms that we use in the legal profession regarding personal injury lawsuits. Keeping track of what means what, especially when talking about the different types of personal injury damages, can get a bit tricky. Below is a quick guide to help you get a better understanding of different types of damages:

  • In car accidents, there are the normal types of damages that are easier to account for. Things like the cost of repairing your vehicle or medical expenses. There are other types of damages that can come into play during a car accident suit, however.
    General Damages are are typically things that don’t have a fixed or easily calculated value. Something like mental anguish would be listed among General Damages.
    Special Damages, in contrast, are things like medical expenses or property damage. Things that can be specifically calculated based on costs and fair rates.
  • Punitive Damages are damages awarded in cases where someone’s actions go beyond the normal bounds of negligent or intentional. Punitive Damages are awarded when someone’s conduct is instead fraudulent, reckless, or malicious.
  • Damage Caps are limits on damages that are often outlined in state laws. They often vary by state and by the type of case. For instance, awards from medical malpractice cases are sometimes restricted under a lower cap than those associated with a product liability case.

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