Deadly Road- See how traffic incidents are spiking up

It is undoubtedly true that traffic accidents are a daily occurrence. America has some of the highest percentages recorded for traffic accidents. However, in the recent years, drilling areas are known to increase the number of deadly road accidents. The large containers that are known to transfer harmful substances are unable to keep their control on roads that are either usually under construction or not sturdy enough to withstand the weight of these containers. The massive increase in road fatalities has been recorded since 2009. The increase has been tremendous since 2009 and onwards until this day and if measures are not taken to curtail the casualties, then these fatalities will continually rise.
The reason behind these ill-handled roads is the fact that the boom in gas and oil has caused these roads to wear down a great deal leading to the wear and tear and the need for repair. There is also a demand for the creation of roads, which are strong enough to withstand the pressure of an 18-wheeler truck container full of drums of oil and gas. In fact, last year, commercial trucks like Ford were involved in 1/3rd of traffic fatalities that arose from the drilling operations necessary for the extraction of oil and gas, buried deep in the Texas grounds.
Besides the deadly road consequences of the drilling operations, they are also generally harmful to the environment introducing a variety of health hazards that need to be curtailed before due time. People who reside close to where the drilling actually began have been complaining of nose bleeds, headaches and intense body aches which are a major consequence of these operations. The oil companies that are participants in the Ford Eagle Shale operation are mindful of the health hazards posed by their drilling and they are taking preventive measures to transform this operation into an economical and environmentally friendly operation.
Therefore, as long as Texas shows potential for oil and gas, the drilling operations will continue until all the resources are extracted out of the grounds and once the operation comes to an end, the state will return to its quiet way of life. However, the question that needs to be addressed is the need to reduce the traffic accidents that are resulting due to this incident. It is mandatory to put an end to these accidents where innocent lives are being compromised at the greed that has consumed the authority and government responsible for these drilling operations.