When you are hit in a car accident the driver that hit you can be held responsible, but often times so can the company he was working for.

Sometimes this liability can be obvious. A company employee driving a company branded vehicle while wearing a company uniform during work hours will most likely be found to be working for his or her company for liability purposes. There are other cases where perhaps an employee isn’t performing his normal job duties or isn’t working during normal office hours, but is considered to be on a special errand for his employer so both they and the employer can still be found to be liable.

That said, the law can be confusing. If that same person in the same vehicle wearing the same uniform hits you while on their way to or from work, their employer might not be found responsible. In a case like that, the employee wasn’t technically on the job yet or had finished their job duties for the day and so any accident they cause will be found to be their fault alone.

The distinctions between an employee being on the job or just coming and going from his or her job are just one of many different liability rules you are likely to encounter if you are the victim of a car wreck. The important thing to remember is that is that you don’t have to handle these complexities alone. If you or a love one was involved in an accident and are having troubles recovering damages give us a call. Our experienced attorneys will work with you every step of the way.