Not all personal injuries are easy to spot on sight. Some injuries can begin occurring months after the initial accident. Many, unfortunately, decide that too much time as passed and that they have lost their legal rights to those damages. Even though there are time limits, they are dependent upon the initial discovery of your injury and the type of claim being filed.
Typically, we suggest consulting an attorney within 2 years of an injury. The reason is because evidence is most prominent and accurate when they are closest to the incident. There are, in different states, statues of limitations for personal injury which can vary quite immensely. In Texas, it’s 2 years from the date of the injury. In Maine, it’s 6.
There are three important things to know in Texas:

    • Lawsuits for Minors – Texas law establishes that medical malpractice lawsuits that are filed for children under the age of 12 years old have to be filed before they turn 14 years old.


    • Chapter 74 – Texas law decrees that every medical malpractice claim must be accompanied by an expert report which is only acquired through an attorney such as Martin Walker Law.


  • Statute of Repose – Texas law establishes patients have to file a lawsuit for medical errors before 10 years, after which they lose the right to file.

Oftentimes, injuries that are physical in nature are generally obvious. But in some cases, injuries that are long-term in nature such as disease or leukemia will require experienced attorneys. Call us today, at Martin Walker Law, for a free consultation. 903-526-1600. Visit our Facebook page for more news and updates.