List of Emergency Surgeries That Are More Dangerous Than Commonly Thought

According to a paper published in JAMA Surgery, researchers have found that out of 421,476 patient records, there are 7 procedures that account for 89% of all admissions, deaths, and complications related to emergency surgeries.
These surgeries are mistakenly regarded for noninvasive and uncomplicated surgeries; this is proving to not be the case at all. The surgeries in question include partial colon removal, small-bowel resection, gallbladder removal, peptic ulcer disease operations, abdominal adhesion removal, and appendectomy. All of these surgeries have one thing in common in that they are in some way connected to the digestive system. This is considered to be a looming catastrophe because the cost of this type of care appears to be becoming higher than that of diabetes, heart attacks, and cancer diagnoses. Not only do measures need to be taken to reduce these costs, but doctors and health care professionals also need to figure out why these surgeries are becoming much more of a problem than they should be.

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