Medical Errors Can Harm Anyone

No one is immune to medical malpractice errors.

There are over 22 cases reported of a lawsuit involving a celebrity in a medical error. Some of these surgeries range from heart surgeries to gallbladder removal. And the celebrities affected range from Julie Andrews to Andy Warhol. Julie Andrews received permanent damage to her throat after a negligent procedure. Dana Carvey was impacted by a serious injury after a surgeon operated on the wrong artery during a heart surgery. Dennis Quad’s newborn twins received an overdose of medication in a hospital that caused them to internally bleed.

There is something to be said about the fact that even the rich and famous who can afford intensive medical care are still subjected to such traumatizing medical injuries. This fact should be brought to the light more often; especially with patients who are depending on these surgeries to improve their quality of life. These surgeries are sometimes the one thing that stands between a man or woman being able to make a living for themselves, or their families. Do your research on each hospital and doctor before deciding on who to trust your life with. It may be easier to go into a surgery blind and have full faith and trust in the surgeon, but that could be a fatal mistake on your part.

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