A new, recently released report called into question the widely held belief that most people that became addicted to opioids got the dangerous drugs from their pharmacy without first properly consulting their doctor.
The new study, published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, contends that not only did more than half of those who died to an opioid overdose do so with drugs obtained from a legitimate prescription for chronic pain, only four of this group who died were ever caught as having a drug abuse problem before they overdosed.
An article in Bloomberg covering this new research noted that though opioid prescriptions have decreased somewhat since 2010, they are still much more widely prescribed now than they were back in 1999. A recent report by OM1 Inc. of US ER visits found that one in six visits to the emergency room in 2017 was related to opioids.
Studies and reports like these are continuing to shed light on this epidemic of addictive drugs and show just how large the opioid crisis has become.