Last Month, the Sackler family, the leaders behind the drug company Purdue Pharma, agreed to an $8.3 billion dollar settlement with the US government. Purdue Pharma, best known for the drug OxyContin, abused its power and lied about the drug’s risk of addiction. For years, they even played both sides of the addiction game, telling doctors and patients the drug was safe while working to build out addiction treatment centers to help treat people for the addictions their own drugs caused.

For several years, the law branches of both States and the Federal government have been engaged in lawsuits over the Sacklers role in the Opioid Epidemic. Not only is Purdue Pharma shutting down and paying large fines, the Sackler family itself are on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars for their role in directing the dishonest business practices surrounding the sale and marketing of OxyContin.

Although this settlement marks a major milestone in the government’s legal response to the Opioid Epidemic, it is not the end. Several states are still unsatisfied with the punishments Purdue Pharma and its controlling family have received. There’s also hints that the Sacklers have hidden much of their opioid profits in order to protect their wealth from lawsuits. They have even gone so far as to ask judges to exclude them from the thousands of smaller lawsuits that have built up during the decades their companies mismanaged the opioid epidemic.

The Justice Department, for its part, has pointed out that this settlement still leaves open the possibility for more litigation and more punishments in the future.