With Thanksgiving now behind us, the final two big holidays of the year are fast approaching. The New Years holiday is one of the most dangerous times of the year to be driving, but perhaps a new trend can help make it safer in the years to come. More and more people are buying and using personal breathalyzers.
Though they aren’t yet in widespread use, a recent study by the National Safety Council showed that up to 26% of those that responded had at one time either used a personal breathalyzer themselves or used one to help convince a friend that they were too impaired to drive safely.
Personal breathalyzers come in a variety of form factors ranging from one-time-use tubes that don’t require batteries, to smartphone connected devices, all the way up to professional tools used by law enforcement. While the accuracy of individual breathalyzers can vary quite a bit, even the less accurate versions can be a good tool to help prevent others from driving drunk.