Do you own a pool? Plan to go swimming soon? There are some things you should know before taking a dip.
1. If you own a pool, you have to take great care to protect others. Backyard pools can be considered what is called an Attractive Nuisance. What that means is that unless you specifically put up safeguards, such as a locked gate, you might be held liable for anyone who is injured in your pool whether you invited them or not.
Pools also require a lot of care and attention to make sure their chemical balance is correct. An improper chemical balance can quickly cause minor to severe injuries.
2. If you are injured at a public pool you should investigate your city’s local rules. In some cases you cannot simply file a personal injury lawsuit against a publicly operated pool. Instead, you might need to start with a notice of claim with your local government.
3. Did you know that in most states pool lifeguards are legally required get a number of certifications involving swimming and pool safety? In Texas, for instance, a lifeguard needs to have special lifeguard, CPR, and first aid training. In some cases, states also limit what a lifeguard can be paid to do. For instance, they can’t man the snack bar and perform lifeguard duties.
Improper lifeguard training can be one area to look at when injured at a pool.
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