The next time you step into a convenience store restroom you may find it lit by blue lights.
In order to try and do something to combat the growing opioid epidemic, some supermarket chains are trialing a new method to deter drug use in their public restrooms. By replacing restrooms’ normal white florescent lights with blue ones, they hope to make it harder for drug users to find the blue colored veins that they would normally use when injecting drugs from a syringe.
This new strategy seems to be working for at least one retailer who as given it a try. Turkey Hill Minit Markets in Lancaster Pennsylvania was reported as saying that they have seen a dramatic reduction in the amount of overdose incidents since they started trialing the blue lit restrooms around six months ago.
It’s not just convenient stores that are trying this new blue light strategy. The city of Philadelphia has started offering an anti-drug kit to its residents that includes a blue tinted light bulb after drug overdose deaths increased by more than 30 percent in the last year.
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