Car manufacturer Sabaru is recalling a combined 250,000 vehicles across their Crosstrek, Forester, Ascent, and Impreza lines, says Consumer Reports. Many car recalls are for things like a latch not hooking correctly or a headlight that fogs up. This recall, however, was triggered by a faulty engine part shared by Sabaru’s various car lines that can let oil into the wrong paces which could cause the engine to lose power or stall.

Consumer Reports was unable to find out how often this problem has occurred or whether it injured anyone. While this recall is nowhere near the scope of Takata’s multimillion unit airbag recalls, it still seems like a fairly big deal that an issue that causes a loss of engine power has been identified.

Wondering if your vehicle is involved in a recall? The National Highway Safety Administration has an easy to use Recalls section on their website at