It was a very dark time for Tyler back when William George Davis a 34-year-old from Hallsville decided to inject air into arterial lines of patients recovering from heart surgery in January of this year. William managed to inject air into a total of 7 patients’ arterial lines. The horrific events resulted in 2 people dying, and 2 were forced by the incident into a vegetative state. The question is how could this have happened; especially over such a long period of time? His first incident dates all the way back to June 22nd of 2017 and the most recent being in January of 2018. William was not fired until February 15th 2018. His license was only suspended March 16, 2018; It was finally revoked in April of this year.
This is why we here at Martin Walker Law do what we do. If it were not for us these types of events would happen more often. This event should be used as a lesson to all local hospitals. A lesson to be on guard for any suspicious behavior; even that of their own staff. William was indicted June 21, 2018, for murder and two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The court is in process of setting a scheduling order. Pre-trial hearings have not yet been set.
If you or someone you know has been affected by malpractice, seek help immediately. We suggest not waiting for 2 years or more from the date you were affected. It’s our duty at Martin Walker Law to represent you to the standard that we believe is necessary to tackle any case.
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