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The following section demonstrates the outstanding results the firm has achieved for our clients, both in the courtroom and through negotiated settlements. In sharing these examples, arranged by the nature of each case, we have complied with professional and court-ordered standards for confidentiality and have shared only the total damages awarded. Some noted verdicts may have been reduced through further negotiations or directives from the court. 

Medical Malpractice

A hospital’s surgical team failed to properly coordinate the care of our client after an initial procedure failed. Evidence presented at trial demonstrated that the hospital did not follow its own bylaws and allowed a doctor without privileges to abandon the patient.  A doctor from another facility was eventually called in to save the patient’s life.

Total Verdict: $43,320,000 

Our firm sued a manufacturer and distributor for the faulty and negligent design of a toy which had caused the choking death of a two-year-old child. The evidence showed that the defendant never took any of the required steps to identify the hazards associated with the toy or assure that the product was appropriately age-graded and labeled.

Total Settlement: $10,000,000

Nurses and doctors failed to recognize significant risk factors when caring for a laboring patient and failed to immediately proceed with a cesarean delivery.  The infant was born via vacuum assist and suffered a significant sentinel event from a shoulder dystocia, resulting in hypoxic-ischemic multi-organ injury, which included significant brain injury.  The shoulder dystocia also resulted in permanent brachial plexus injury. 

Total Settlement: $5,500,000

The firm’s client suffered serious, permanent, and debilitating injuries resulting from a medical procedure that should have never been attempted because of the potential risks. The physician failed to perform an independent evaluation of the patient before the procedure, failed to review the patient’s medical records before the surgery, failed to obtain adequate informed consent from the patient, failed to maintain adequate records of the procedure and failed to take adequate steps to reduce post-surgical medical complications. 

Total Settlement: $4,000,000

A surgical team failed to properly review a patient’s medical records, leading to an operation being conducted on the wrong endocrine glands.  

Total Settlement: $2,625,000

A hospital’s anesthesia care team failed to protect the patient’s airway during surgery, causing his death.

Total Verdict: $1,920.223.00 

A physician failed to properly diagnose a woman’s malignant cancer and failed to refer her to a specialist, directly contributing to the untimely death of the patient.

Total Settlement: $1,825,000

 During a procedure to remove a gall bladder, the surgeon failed to notice that he had cut into the patient’s intestines. The patient subsequently developed sepsis and almost died from the injuries.

Total Settlement: $1,300,000

A physician failed to adequately assess and treat a patient’s intestinal condition, failed to inform the patient of other medical and surgical options, failed to diagnose post-surgical complications in a timely manner and did not provide appropriate medical and surgical management of those complications.

Total Settlement: $1,104,900

A surgical team began anesthesia on a patient experiencing intestinal bleeding without properly protecting our client’s airway during the procedure.  That failure resulted in the patient aspirating blood during the procedure, leading to an anoxic brain injury.

Total Settlement: $1,000,000

During a dental procedure, the oral surgeon caused nerve damage leading to severe and permanent injuries to the patient.

Total Settlement: $980,000

A doctor performed surgery on a patient without properly reviewing the medical records that indicated that the procedures to remove gallstones and correct bile duct blockages were not warranted. The surgeon failed to recognize the significant and devastating pathology within the bile duct at time of the procedure and failed to provide proper post-surgical care.

Total Settlement: $957,000

A physician inserted the wrong size of stimulator into a patient’s spine, causing permanent injuries and requiring additional surgery.

Total Settlement: $950,000

 During intestinal surgery, the medical team failed to properly recognize ongoing complications and did not work to aggressively control the patient’s internal bleeding.  The physicians’ lack of appropriate care directly led to the patient’s untimely death.

Total Settlement: $825,000

A clinic failed to properly diagnose and treat the severe and ongoing heart condition of a patient and failed to transfer him to a better-equipped cardiac facility for evaluation and treatment.  The negligence of the clinic staff led to permanent damage of the patient’s heart and required the amputation of his toes.

Total Settlement: $775,000

A patient died after being given high levels of pain medication without the proper monitoring of his respiratory system.

Total Settlement: $625,000

Our client, a paraplegic, underwent a necessary gastrointestinal procedure during which the physician made several significant errors, resulting in severe sepsis and other life-threatening and permanent injuries. Without the doctor realizing the errors, and after discharging the patient the next day, our client experienced severe pain and was forced to return to the hospital, where the problems were discovered and treated.

Total Settlement: $500,000  

hospital allowed a doctor to perform a procedure without proper credentialing, training, and equipment, resulting severe post-surgical complications.

Total Settlement: $450,000

A pharmacy failed to properly fill a customer’s prescription, leading to the cognitive impairment of the man and two related motor vehicle accidents.

Total Settlement: $450,000

Antivenom was not administered in a timely manner to a patient following a snake bite, causing the loss of patient’s right index finger.

Total Settlement: $450,000

A doctor performed a hysterectomy without an adequate evaluation that would have also revealed the patient’s invasive cancer.

Total Settlement: $450,000

A physician failed to properly diagnose and treat a severe circulatory condition, resulting in the patient’s leg being amputated below the knee.

Total Settlement: $420,000

A medical team failed to recognize and manage the abnormal fetal heart rate of an unborn child, causing the stillborn birth of the patient’s daughter.

Total Settlement: $410,000

A physician failed to note a hip fracture incurred by our client that was plainly visible on X-ray images. The fracture ultimately displaced, leading to a long and painful process of treatment, bone death, loss of the hip joint and a total hip replacement.

Total Settlement: $300,000

Our client injured his finger during a fall and was referred to a physician for surgical treatment.  Afterwards, the dressing was applied incorrectly and too tight, despite the patient’s complaints of pain. At his post-op appointment, it was discovered that his finger was severely necrotic and infected due to a loss of circulation. The finger ultimately had to be amputated.

Total Settlement: $200,000

A hospital nurse failed to remove a central line, causing a venous air embolism and the death of the patient.

Total Settlement: $200,000

A surgical team failed to properly recognize and manage a perforated intestinal wall, causing permanent injuries to the patient.

Total Settlement: $190,000

A patient’s plastic surgery procedure resulted in significant problems, including an open wound that became infected.  After extensive wound care and six additional surgeries to correct the errors, our client’s physician failed to properly report the claim to his insurance carrier, leading to the denial of the client’s claim against the provider.

Total Settlement: $150,000 

Personal Injury

A restaurant owner ignored an ongoing conflict between two employees and the repeated requests to avoid scheduling them to work on the same shift. This led to an assault by one employee on the other, who suffered a significant brain injury due to the owner’s negligence. 

Total Settlement: $3,600,000

A pool maintenance worker suffered severe injuries and underwent multiple surgeries resulting from a dog attack, despite the homeowner’s assurances that the dog would be secured inside the home. Because of his injuries, the firm’s client also lost his business due to his inability to work.

Total Jury Verdict: $2,414,773

The firm’s client was severely injured when a defective tire-axle assembly on his car failed. The loosened tire struck the side of driver’s vehicle, causing a collision.

Total Settlement: $600,000

A car wreck resulting in the death of the driver.

Total Settlement: $425,000

A client of the firm suffered permanent injuries to his back while attempting to unload materials at his job.

Total Settlement: $250,000

A welder fell from a scaffold while working, causing his death.

Total Settlement: $125,000

A property owner’s negligence in pasturing his horse caused the firm’s client to hit the animal, which was in the road, with his vehicle. The driver sustained numerous severe injuries.

Total Settlement: $100,000

Products Liability

Our firm sued a manufacturer and distributor for the faulty and negligent design of a toy which had caused the choking death of a two-year-old child. The evidence showed that the defendant never took any of the required steps to identify the hazards associated with the toy or assure that the product was appropriately age-graded and labeled.

Total Settlement: $10,000,000

The faulty design, manufacturing, and marketing of an all-terrain vehicle — including the transmission, braking system and other components – led to the tragic deaths of two family members and severe injuries to two others. Experts retained by our firm in the subsequent litigation demonstrated that the ATV was unreasonably dangerous as designed and manufactured, while our attorneys presented evidence that the design flaws were known to the defendants.

Total Settlement: $2,100,000

The firm represented the family of a man who became overcome with carbon monoxide emitted by a propane-powered floor buffer, was rendered unconscious, and ultimately died from inhalation of the deadly gas.

Total Settlement: $1,075,000

While participating in a training exercise, a firefighter was killed when a defectively designed door on an aerial platform malfunctioned. Evidence presented at trial demonstrated that the doors failed to operate as designed and intended.

Total Verdict: $632,717

Premises Liability

A landlord failed to install smoke alarms or provide proper safety equipment at a rental property occupied by a family. When the home caught fire, a 14-year-old family member was not able to flee the dwelling and perished.

Total Settlement: $1,300,000

The firm’s client was injured when the pulley mechanism for a zip line at a recreational park failed, causing the rider to be violently jolted and dropped to the ground 12 feet below. She suffered multiple leg fractures and other injuries.

Total Settlement: $1,000,000

A construction worker fell from the top of a restaurant through a parapet wall that was not high enough and had no safety railing. Further, none of the workers were required to wear fall protection equipment. The firm’s client suffered permanent paralysis as a result.

Total Settlement: $750,000

Wrongful Death

A contractor installing new LED lighting components on a cell phone tower fell to his death when the climbing equipment designed and manufactured by the defendants failed.

Total Settlement: $925,000

The owners of an all-terrain vehicle allowed a seven-year-old boy to use the machine without proper supervision or instruction, and despite warnings that specifically prohibited operation of the machine by children under the age of 12. The boy drowned when the ATV rolled into a pond and turned upside down, trapping him underneath.

Total Settlement: $500,000

A 47-year-old man died following a heart procedure when a hospital nurse negligently introduced air into his arterial systems.

Total Settlement: $190,000

Motor Vehicle Collision

A client of the firm suffered severe and debilitating injuries when another driver failed to yield at a stop sign and turned into her lane.

Total Settlement: $825,000

While attempting to make a lawful right turn, the firm’s client was struck from behind by a delivery driver, causing severe spinal injuries.

Total Verdict: $629,594

A driver was injured when an 18-wheeler pulled out in front of him, causing a collision and severe injuries.

Total Settlement: $725,000

A driver was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler and sustained serious injuries.

Total Settlement: $600,000

A truck driver was injured when an 18-wheeler pulled out in front of him, causing a collision.

Total Settlement: $550,000

The driver of an 18-wheeler suffered severe back and shoulder injuries after being rear-ended by another trucker.

Total Settlement: $425,000

A driver sustained serious injuries when his car was struck by an 18-wheeler that veered into his lane of travel.

Total Settlement: $250,000

An 18-wheeler failed to maintain its lane and crashed into a car driven by the firm’s clients, causing serious injuries.

Total Settlement: $230,000

A driver failed to pull his 18-wheeler completely off the road, causing another driver to crash into the trailer, sustaining serious bodily injuries.

Total Settlement: $16,000


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