The Top 6 Most Common Types of Medical Malpractice

It’s widely known that serious errors can be made due to negligence under the care of a health care practitioner.
Are you aware of how those errors occur?
This is so important because so many victims do not even know they are victims even after suffering from life-changing injuries or outcomes. Different states have different statute of limitations laws that restrict the amount of time is available to seek justice after the case has occurred. Because of this, we feel the need to provide to you 6 of the most common types of medical malpractice errors to help you stay informed.
If a doctor examines you or a loved one and fails to diagnose the correct illness. This is considered malpractice because it prevents the patient from getting the treatment they need. Malpractice only occurs if the doctor failed to do what any other doctor would have done and this caused harm to the patient.
✔️Delayed Diagnosis
The doctor made an incorrect diagnosis but the patient eventually receives the correct diagnosis. The condition becomes worse because the patient didn’t receive the necessary treatment in time.
✔️Failure to Treat
The doctor may diagnose the correct illness but they may fail to recommend the proper treatment.
✔️Surgical Errors
A doctor may perform the wrong procedure, damage organs, nerves or tissue, use non-sterile surgical instruments, or even provide inadequate care after the surgery.
✔️Birth Injury
Birth injuries can possibly result in the death of your child if the child’s prenatal care was inadequate or if the child or mother suffers injuries during the birth process.
✔️Medical Product Liability
If a patient suffers needlessly after a poorly designed medical device was used on them for their illness.


This list is not comprehensive however it does a great job of highlighting the most common types of medical malpractice that you need to keep in mind. We also want you to know that not all medical malpractice cases are this black and white and you should always reach out to professionals like us at Martin Walker Law who specializes in Medical Malpractice and all that goes along with it. (903) 526-1600